Vinyl Record Pickguards

Take your favorite record and turn it into a pickguard!

Email us for a personal quote.

(Not all guitars can be fitted.  Size is limited to a full sized record)

Waylon Jennings Greatest Hits was the perfect choice for this Telecaster!

Thank you; Thank you very much!


Elvis has left the building...

All in all, its just another brick in the wall

I dont know where I'm gonna go when the Volcano blow

Runnin On Empty for a Jackson Browne fan!

Dvid Bowie - Blackstar on a Jazz Bass for a build off competition!

We can do custom "labels" for your next project!

"There is no Darkside of the moon.  In fact its all dark."

Its been a long time since I Rock and Rolled!

This Gretsch Black Pheonix was just begging for a red vinyl pickguard!


We made this custom guard for Shiny Shiny Black guitarist Nate Butler


Check them out at

Adding a Vinyl Pickguard to your Les Paul can create a dramatic effect!

These are just a few styles we have made.  Please inqure and find out what we can do for you!


Pictured from top left to right are:

Batwing SG  - Telecaster -

Epiphone Joe Pass - Gibson Les Paul

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