Vinyl Record Pickguards

Take your favorite record and turn it into a pickguard!

Email us for a personal quote.

(Not all guitars can be fitted.  Size is limited to a full sized record)

Quite possibibly my favorite custom pickguard commision so far!  Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here on a strat!

Clear records?  Ya, we can do that! (I just cant remember the album title!)

Jimi Hendrix Smash Hits!  What better guitar for this to go on than a strat!

Nirvana Record Store Day release


The Demotapes and More Vol 1


This might be the oddest request to date! I was asked to make a Strat gaurd but to leave the entire top of the album instead of trimming to the traditional Strat shape.  What do you think of it?

Waylon Jennings Greatest Hits was the perfect choice for this Telecaster!

Thank you; Thank you very much!


Elvis has left the building...

All in all, its just another brick in the wall

I dont know where I'm gonna go when the Volcano blow

Runnin On Empty for a Jackson Browne fan!

Dvid Bowie - Blackstar on a Jazz Bass for a build off competition!

We can do custom "labels" for your next project!

"There is no Darkside of the moon.  In fact its all dark."

Its been a long time since I Rock and Rolled!

This Gretsch Black Pheonix was just begging for a red vinyl pickguard!


We made this custom guard for Shiny Shiny Black guitarist Nate Butler


Check them out at

Adding a Vinyl Pickguard to your Les Paul can create a dramatic effect!

These are just a few styles we have made.  Please inqure and find out what we can do for you!


Pictured from top left to right are:

Batwing SG  - Telecaster -

Epiphone Joe Pass - Gibson Les Paul

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